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I'm the trumpet player/frontman for the South Australian ska-punk band The Prophets of Impending Doom. Check out our music!

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Posted by Clastodon - December 28th, 2014

So you've noticed a few electronic songs popping up from me. You can thank TAFE for that.

What's new?
- so I'm in four bands and in the process of getting a fifth one together. This one consists of just horns (alto/tenor/bari sax, trumpet, trombone) and a drummer using a simple set-up, snare, tiny little splash cymbal, and a bucket for bass. Primarily busking stuff, in the vein of Too Many Zooz and the Drumadics if you've heard of either, only we're doing a bunch of covers right to get right in the zone with each other before we start writing our own jams.
The four bands are:

1. Prophets of Impending Doom (ska)

2. Silent Duck (funk-rock)

3. Boneseed (reggae)

4. Funk Latin Union (latin)

The busking thing isn't named yet.

Thinking of really getting into this electronic stuff and putting together an entire album of my amatuer electronic stuff. I've got the time and the inspiration, I'd just need a name for this project...what to call it?

Posted by Clastodon - September 3rd, 2014

Finally, the Prophets of Impending Doom's second EP has arrived into the world, and it's titled A Baby Ate My Dingo! Newground doesn't like links, so I'll just tell you to find a site called bandcamp and search "prophets of impending doom". You should find it. The EP's $5AU. You want a physical copy? We have many, but you'll want to have a decent amount of money to spend if you want us to ship it overseas! Postage from Australia is kinda expensive!

Anyway, I've uploaded two songs on here, hopefully some demo tracks to follow too. They're finished, but our guy's computer has died or something and it's going to be some time before we can do anything about getting those tracks up on the net for the world to hear!

Now I need some other projects to stress a lot about, now that the EP's out of the way...


Reggae band is now named. It's called Boneseed. I will NOT be uploading songs from Boneseed up here because I'm not allowed to, also we haven't recorded anything yet.

I'm now studying a Certificate III in Music at TAFE, after I quit uni.

I may be joining a fourth band too, and am being recruited for multiple other things too. Trumpet players are a rare commodity at TAFE. WOO!

Added an option for people to buy physical copies of both EPs to our bandcamp!

https: //prophetsofimpendingdoom1. bandcamp. com
(remove spaces)

Bit expensive to ship outside of Australia, but you'll receive them real quick, maybe like 2.5 weeks at the MOST, so if you're wanting them, jump on quick, we've only got limited copies of our first EP "The Suppering" left!

Posted by Clastodon - May 6th, 2014

1. So the Prophets of Impending Doom release I mentioned in the last post I did here - it's still coming. It's just taking a damned long time to be recorded due to:
- disorganisation on the part of multiple people in the band,
- people being lazy (not me, my parts are done)

2. My funk band, Silent Duck, are doing quite well - we've released our debut album Gap Year.
http:/ /silentduck. bandcamp. com
^ without the spaces, should take you to it.

3. The skacore band I mentioned, was a total shambles. Not very accomplished musicians, the whole thing just fell apart after the first rehearsal. Kind of like when Prophets had their first rehearsal. We picked up the piece ten months later, though, that's not happening with this one, it seems. However, I have joined a reggae band which IS working, and slowly working our way through a pile of songs. On our way to creating a good forty-minute repertoire in a few months, let's hope.

4. I have a car, so that's made everything music-wise a LOT easier for everybody!

5. If any of you have seen that TOO MANY ZOOZ thing, the crazy awesome trumpet/bari sax/drums trio that busts some awesome moves and play regularly in Union Square Station - I've watched that so many times, and bought the EP, and now my cousin is saving up for a bari, so a TMZ-style group may be on the cards sometime as well. That would be pretty cool.

You got any questions about what's happening music-wise in Adelaide, South Australia, fire away below in the comments.

Posted by Clastodon - September 23rd, 2013

The next few months ae to be quiet ones, but keep a look out for:
- Prophets of Impending Doom EP/Demo releases early 2014
- Silent Duck album late this year.
- A brand new ska core band in Adelaide, South Australia.

These are things that will be happening soon, or are already happening, so if you see me posting some links you can expect some pretty cool shit to find on the other end of that single click!

Posted by Clastodon - July 29th, 2013

AND FOUR OTHER GUYS (two of us couldn't come with)

The Prophets of Impending Doom packed up their shit, said goodbye to South Australia and drove over 1400 km's to Sydney, New South Wales. We hung out with our ska friends General Pants and the Privates and Edema Ruh, met some up-and-coming bands too. We played two shows in Sydney, and then we packed up AGAIN and drove another 550km's to Melbourne, Victoria and played another two shows there! And then drove the 800km's back home after surviving a week and a half out of a couple of backpacks and a bunch of wonderful interstate friends.

Ironically our triumphant homecoming show was on a Sunday and we had a grand total of 20 people show up and the pages of Twilight were torn out of a copy of the book and thrown across the venue floor by the band before us. So that wasn't too great.

In any case, it was our first gig in a while with all seven of us managing to make it to the one place and congregate on the one stage, so that was nice.


If you're interested in what happens next, well we should have a demo coming out sometime soon (the tracks of which will be FREE and available both on here and our usual distribution place thing of bandcamp) and then an EP early next year. I suppose you'll see another one of these rare journals from me around the time we release something new or perform some dumb/ridiculous feat that I believe is worth your time watching/hearing.

Our facebook is a far more up-to-date place than here so you should probably like us on there to keep up-to-date with the shit we do.

Peace and keep on skankin'!

PS here is a photo of us playing in Sydney courtesy of AC Presents and the photographers at what was a fantastic show!


Posted by Clastodon - January 27th, 2013

Nobody reads these, I suspect, but I don't mind.

Currently, the Prophets of Impending Doom has released their EP The Suppering and it is now for sale on the interwebs for AUD$2.50 Which is less than your average cappucino from a cafe. We have a cool ska show lined up this weekend at Adelaide's Enigma Bar and I and several other members are seeing Twelve Foot Ninja live at the same venue the night before! Good stuff.

Posted by Clastodon - November 8th, 2012

So, the Prophets of Impending Doom are finally getting their act, and re-recording their first EP, The Suppering. We've already got a date set for the release and we're doing some bonus demo CDs on the side as well, some tracks off which we might post here. We have a gig tomorrow (Saturday) and there's a mini-tour in the works too. Everything's good! Except my last essay, and exams. Fuck those things. Seriously.

Meanwhile, go find and like on Facebook:
-General Pants and the Privates
-The Anchorage
-Edema Ruh.

Some incredibly talented ska bands out there and they deserve far more attention than they get!

Posted by Clastodon - October 25th, 2011

Haven't posted in forever. Last time I posted on here we'd never played a gig. We've now played three. At a band competition, at a pub, and we drove all the way to Sydney to play with our friends from General Pants & the Privates. So things are looking up. Once uni is over for the year we're gonna start recording an EP and we're cranking out new songs with our brand new guitarist (our 4th, who we've finally struck lucky with, he's not only NOT a douche, he's a damn good musician too). You just try and stop us.

I'll see if I can upload any of the three recordings we've done, in the meantime I'll just be uploading those electronic demoes you may be familiar with (although I've learned how to do things and they're actually in time and sound somewhat acceptable now).


Posted by Clastodon - June 25th, 2011

So Prophets Of Impending Doom recorded two songs today, but Newgrounds is rejecting the mp3s. So you'll have to wait for proper recording of us.