Good stuff.

2013-01-27 03:22:56 by Clastodon

Nobody reads these, I suspect, but I don't mind.

Currently, the Prophets of Impending Doom has released their EP The Suppering and it is now for sale on the interwebs for AUD$2.50 Which is less than your average cappucino from a cafe. We have a cool ska show lined up this weekend at Adelaide's Enigma Bar and I and several other members are seeing Twelve Foot Ninja live at the same venue the night before! Good stuff.


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2013-05-17 06:58:40

The EP kicks ass!
Really low on money though.. wouldn't even buy a cappuccino.

Clastodon responds:

I'm sure one day when we're big and famous etc. it'll be up for free download. Just give it six more years. The Resignators from Melbourne, Australia are touring the US and Canada at the moment, and they started in 2005, so OBVIOUSLY we'll be doing the same in six more years, given that we'll have been solidly playing for two years come August.


2013-06-08 16:56:09

It's so amazing to see that other people besides me enjoy ska. You have restored a little bit of my faith in humanity.

Clastodon responds:

According to our facebook, at least 506 people appreciate our take on the genre. If you look below the surface there are actually a huge amount of people all around us that actually do like it. If they don't, it's our job to take up our instruments and change their minds! Or anyone's job. I know Adelaide needs more ska bands, that's for sure.


2013-06-15 01:22:47

download link...?

Clastodon responds:

http:// prophetsofimpendingdoom1. bandcamp. com/

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