Entry #9

Oh gods, I joined another one...

2014-12-28 11:16:50 by Clastodon

So you've noticed a few electronic songs popping up from me. You can thank TAFE for that.

What's new?
- so I'm in four bands and in the process of getting a fifth one together. This one consists of just horns (alto/tenor/bari sax, trumpet, trombone) and a drummer using a simple set-up, snare, tiny little splash cymbal, and a bucket for bass. Primarily busking stuff, in the vein of Too Many Zooz and the Drumadics if you've heard of either, only we're doing a bunch of covers right to get right in the zone with each other before we start writing our own jams.
The four bands are:

1. Prophets of Impending Doom (ska)

2. Silent Duck (funk-rock)

3. Boneseed (reggae)

4. Funk Latin Union (latin)

The busking thing isn't named yet.

Thinking of really getting into this electronic stuff and putting together an entire album of my amatuer electronic stuff. I've got the time and the inspiration, I'd just need a name for this project...what to call it?


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2014-12-28 12:39:02

...why not to name it "Number Five"? lmao