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You certainly can deliver the joke! Good job.

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I laughed so hard watching this. That's great.

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Haha, ohhh the wobbliness does my head in, but in a good way.

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...no good.

There's not much to do then just click, click, click... Needs far more variety in terms of gameplay, I think, I see two types of zombie. I can't get past the second level because every time there seems to be some zombie that won't die no matter how much I shoot at it while other behind take the bullets. Needs fixing.

Needs music and sound effects with variety. I think this needed more effort.

This game is great.

This game is brilliant, it's good, it's addictive, and fun. But some of the medals don't seem to work... I'm using a Mac, so is there a problem that needs to be fixed or something? I really do like the game, though!

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Brilliant concept. I lol'd. Is the whale a reference to the sperm whale in Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy by any chance?

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Dude, put some more air through your words! I can hear the potential of a good singing voice in there, but it's not living up to said potential right now.

Good solo song though.

Like it in general, but:
Some weird deviations from your structure. I'm pretty sure there was a verse, or part of one, that was like 7bars and 3 beats instead of your regular 8 bars or whatever. Recorded at 3 in the morning, so I'll give you that one.

It ain't ska. Gimme da upstroke skankin' beat, yo!

Chorus could have more lyrical variation, and maybe a different chord progression in there.

I really like your rhymes though! I think this could actually make an awesome, if somewhat semi-narcissistic, tune!

Pretty cool. Steel drums, whether real or not, are always a win in my book. The slidey bass is also pretty cool, but it COULD have done with less slides between notes in some parts. It was sometimes distracting from the actual melody. Some harmonising with the steel drums from some horns or the keys would have gone down awesomely too!

Lastly, too many false endings. There were at least five occasions where I thought the track was ending and then it didn't. If you're bringing the beat down, bring it down, but don't make it sound like an ending, you know what I mean? You could throw in some cymbals, some nice long chords on the guitar/bass/keys, but there's something in there that lets you know 'hey, this song is still going, we're not done yet!'

Really nice track though, I like what you're doing. Keep it up!

Hutchmeow316 responds:

Tried to get rid of the false endings and tried to loop it, but couldn't figure out how. Thanks again :)

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